Saturday, August 27, 2016

August Garden Tour

A lot of things have been preventing Chris and I from delving into establishing the gardens of our dreams. Other things have taken precedence, like getting the washer and dryer to work and replacing the toilet. Last weekend, though, I decided to do a little low key gardening.

The house came with four large blue plastic containers. I replanted the oregano and rosemary we had been growing at my mom's house in two of these containers. In another, I weeded out the dead or dying plants currently inside and generously sprinkled kale seeds in the dirt. I've been watering them almost every day (it has been raining) and a couple of days ago little sprouts appeared!


I did my best to distribute them throughout the container, but a squirrel or chipmunk has been digging up some of the seeds...

The tomato plant Chris has been tending to has given us at least 6 very tasty fruits. It still has a few left on it, too.

The rosemary had been being strangled by the oregano prior to transplanting it. I had hoped it would start flourishing with the move, but it has only grown a tad. Maybe by the end of the season it will be a bit larger.

This bush came with the house. It is a Japanese flowering tree. It was severely neglected and about to die, but in just a week's time it already has some new greenery on it. I'm hoping that it survives winter and growns some nice little flowers in the spring.

Below is my star pupil! Oregano grows like crazy, and mine is no exception. It is beautiful and fragrant and I use it in the kitchen every chance I get.

Finally, the window box on our deck was overgrown with weeds. I yanked all of those out last weekend, except for whatever yellow flowers these ones are, and then added some marigold seed to the empty spots. They're slowly but surely joining the rest of the flowers!

And that's all at the moment. My hope was that before September we would be able to set up a raised bed and sow some winter crops, but considering how behind we are in terms of building furniture and completing renovations, we may just have to wait until the spring. Or set up some grow systems indoors. Which would be just as easy to do. So we may do just that :-)

Have a great week, everyone!