Bungalow To-Do List

This is a master list of current, upcoming, and previous projects. Like most Americans, we aren't rich and have to budget our home improvements. Sometimes it takes us awhile to even begin certain tasks! If you would like to see an unfinished project completed more quickly, consider contributing to it by sending us a gift. You can do this by visiting our Amazon wish list. You will find specific items needed to complete some of these tasks as well as gift cards for home improvement stores that we can use. If you select a gift card, please let us know in the message field which project you would like to see your funds go toward. We will be sure to mention you when we cover it in our before and after post!

Paint the walls blue and white
Paint the curtain rods black
Replace the blinds
Update the closet
Add new light fixtures
Replace or fix the bedroom door

Build a drop leaf table
Add a sprouter over the sink
Replace a faulty GFCI outlet
Install water line to refrigerator

Replace vanity and sink
Update fixtures to tuscan bronze
Update ventilation system
Replace lightbulbs with LEDs
Finish closet interior and replace door

Living Room
Install a wood stove or pellet stove
Remove carpet and update wood flooring
Modify door jams to match in size
Construct bookshelves
Convert or build a hutch to use as a bar
Build new entertainment center
Install LED light fixtures

Install water heater
Set up tool storage area

Set up 2 raised beds for growing vegetables
Grow wildflowers along fence for local pollinators
Plant ground cherries
Plant raspberry bushes

Replace chain link fence with "white picket" fence
Install solar panels
Construct patio with Quikrete walkway system
Establish container garden with trellises for privacy
Refinish deck
Build all-season grill station
Install LED string lighting over patio
Set up rain collection system

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